Taran 'Thunder'


Head included on this model.

Sold unpainted.  


  • Intended to be a Welsh pony/cob type draught horse in harness
  • Note this is a relatively small breed of horse, but much used for both draught and carriage work
  • His harness is intended to represent: blinkers, collar, and sturdy strapping, with brass fittings
  • With 2mm (or finer) chain, and a toothpick with the ends cut off as a bar, it is easy to fit him up for drawing small wagons etc...
  • He can also be used for drawing a cart, or carriage, and fits in all known commercially available dandy wagon models
  • Approx. max dimensions: h:90mm, w:35mm, l:100mm
  • All miniatures are supplied unpainted, unless the separate painting service is also purchased, or noted otherwise in the listing.   
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