In our Railway People range we offer a diverse selection of realistic 16mm to the foot scaled, miniature figures of people and animals. The main purpose of the range is to supply the kind of figures needed to bring 16mm to the foot scaled model railways to life, and we aim to offer suitable miniatures for crews, passengers, and bystanders. 

Most of our miniatures are cast in two parts, a body, and a separate head, which should be purchased separately and glued together. The advantages of the separate heads are that they are all interchangeable, and that they can be positioned differently allowing the creation of unique individuals. Our miniatures are cast in a rigid polyurethane, and are usually supplied unpainted, although a painting service is available at an additional cost. 

Also available here (for your own, non-commercial use only, please), are some free guides, which you may find useful, particularly with regards to assembling and painting our miniatures.