Painting of Other Miniatures & Special Orders


The price for painting miniatures other than standard, adult humans, and for painting the sets is provided in specific product listings and includes the price of the miniatures. 

For any special requests, please email us, we're normally happy to supply any such requests at standard price. 


  • Miniatures are assembled using Powerbond cyanoacrylate glue (giving a strong bond).
  • They are painted using acrylic paints and sprayed with two coats of matt polyurethane varnish.
  • Unless otherwise specified, miniatures are painted in appropriate muted 'period' colours.
  • Painted miniatures should be resistant to normal wear and tear, moderate heat, and weather conditions such as light drizzle, but may still be damaged by: frosts, soaking in water, extreme weather conditions, oils, solvents etc...  
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