Privacy, Security & Payments


Cookies are used to store an electronic 'memory' of visits to websites which makes it quicker and easier for a user to return to, and use the same website in the future.

Issues with cookies stem from their potential use to track users, and to gather information about them, such cookies are described as 'third party', and are mostly used for marketing purposes.

We do not host third party cookies on this website, and do not track the internet histories of our visitors. 

Secure Website

Amongst other means, website security is ensured by SSL encryption, this requires a two part 'lock and key' protocol, represented in the URL line as a padlock symbol, and ensures that any communication between you and the website is entirely private.

A closed padlock indicates encryption security is up to date and operating, an open padlock, and a warning, that security is not currently operating and caution is required. 

Personal Data

Registration is optional, but recommended, as it speeds later transactions, and grants access to additional methods of making purchases. Its purpose is to provide us with contact details, in case of issues with orders, to provide us with your purchase history, which makes it easier to see your earlier transactions, and to provide us with greater security, as we know whom we're dealing with.

The personal data we store on customers is minimal and secure, it does not include information about your bank account or card details (see below).

You can update your registration details at any time, and if you would like us to delete any and all records we currently hold on you, please contact us via email and we shall remove them permanently.

We do not pass, sell, or trade any details about our customers on to others, and we do not solicit business, or use personal details for marketing purposes.  

Secure Payments

Payments are only accepted via either a secure third party (Paypal or UK Bank), or a personal cheque (see below).

When making a purchase you will be directed to a range of options for making payment.

We normally recommend Paypal for safe online financial transactions. You do not need to be a registered Paypal user to use their service to make a payment using a debit, or credit card. Registered Paypal users can also make a direct payment from their Paypal account and/or from registered bank accounts.

Customers registered with us may also make payment via a bank transfer, direct from your bank account (which can be completed online).

Alternatively, you may mark a purchase as 'payment by check' and send us a cheque (see below).

Payment by Cheque

Some still prefer to use cheques to make payment and we're happy to accept them.

Please ensure you clearly write on the back of the cheque, or a separate, enclosed note, what the payment is for, the postal address you want delivery to, and ideally a contact phone number, or email address, in case of issues.

Please ensure the cheque is made out to 'Motley Miniatures' (NOT 'Motley Miniatures ltd.', or any other variant on the trading name).

Please ensure you include the cost of P&P (£5 for UK delivery, £10 everywhere else) in the total price.

Please ensure the cheque is signed.

Please post to: Motley Miniatures, 20 Bradley Rd, Warminster. BA12 8BP. UK